Saturday, October 08, 2005

Been gone too long...

I've been working on deadlines for the yellow pages company and staying on top of various web projects. The feeling of being overwhelmed has hit me again. I'm currently looking over the script for Riddle Maker. This project is now in the final stages for presentation. I still have a few areas that need cleaning up and a few twists need to be added. I'm behind on updating the site (, but I'll get back to it in a few days. Some of the changes we've startred to incorporate is already on the site while others are on their way. I'll be posting the storyboards for the first and second chapters of Riddle Maker up this weekend as well.
Plans to start a podcast is under way and I'm testing out different microphones to see which will work best.
Robert Miller and Mark Wayne Harris have both signed on to co-host the show at different times. Robert Miller created a how to draw comics series in the 80's and Mark Wayne Harris created and wrote for Blackthorne Publishing as well as
I will be tapping into my old connections database to interview people for future podcasts.
That's it for now. Go to my website for good reading and interesting stuff.


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