Sunday, June 25, 2006

96 degrees in the shade.

96 degrees in the shade.
The summer is here with a vengeance. I’m working on the Jax and the Hellhound black and white graphic novel and scripting the upcoming Jax color books. I want to get through the post work and hit the pool. My office is usually 10 degrees warmer in summer or colder in winter than the rest of the house. I’ll be promoting the graphic novel at the convention in San Diego in July. You can go to the DiD Publishing website to view the upcoming comic lineup.

My Father’s Day treat consisted of books and a movie. I was impressed with the third chapter of the Xmen franchise. The director could have used the Phoenix character a bit more for greater effect. My impression was that Storm would have a greater presence in the third film; I’m not sure if that was true perhaps Hallie Berry just does not have the physical presence to fill Ororo’s boots. My entire family loved it – that’s what matters.

I will have the artist profiles up in a few days – thanks for all the emails regarding the new look of the site.

Stay cool.


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