Sunday, October 21, 2007

Getting intense 'round here.

I've been looking at my website and longing to get to work on adding the extra pages to the two current serials. I can't even begin to go there. I'm currently finishing a membership website for business owners and several websites for other clients. The workload is heavy right now but I would not be blogging if it weren't. I'd be living out of my car along with an angry wife and two very disappointed kids. The situation is very dicey right now as I press on to create enough money to cover our lavish lifestyle.

Things are looking up though. My master plan is paying off. I now need continue to develop enough business that I don' have to work on directly and market the hell out of those services and in no time the tax man, my mortgage company, my various insurance companies and everyone else will be very proud and happy to be associated with me again.

If you decide to leave your corporate job, be prepared to drastically reduce your lifestyle down to a shopping cart and cardboard housing. Ok, it's not that bad, but most of the middle class folks that I know are three paychecks away from bankruptcy.

I should be back to work on the two current series Jax and the Hellhound and TuFF Tales in a bit. A man has to take care of his responsibilities before he can have his fun. If you haven't checked out the website in a while, go to to see the work in progress.


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